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Beauty and the Beast is brought to life!!

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~Beauty and the Beast (trailer)~ So who else is excited about the live action theatrical release of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”…!!? So there’s a bit of wait until next March the 17th but this is soooo gonna be amazing!! … Continue reading

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Comic Con Virgin meets Comic Con =)!

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While there’s nothing funny about having Microsoft’s Dark Side (aka: Windows 10!) “Maul” my computer… see what I did there? Haha yeah I’m such a dork ^^*! Seeing the incomparable Joanne Nosuchinsky (I just recently learned how to pronounce that … Continue reading

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All Things Must Pass

So I  got my laptop back and I guess it was DOA, as laptop “surgery” didn’t go well. The thing is, my laptop being frozen in eternal startup doesn’t include a blue screen as I’ve got a totally black screen … Continue reading

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PC issues =(

Unfortunately tonight’s Unzipped♡ post as well as a new all-time favorite J-pop~♡ post looks to be on hold, as my laptop is seemingly frozen at startup with only a clockwise spinning of white dots against a blank and black screen. … Continue reading

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My Favorite 360 or so…. J-Pop Songs of All-Time (Vol. 6)

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Today’s song is firmly a top 20 all-time favorite ^^! While I only have a modest collection of her music which includes 6 of her albums and most of these were purchased during my experimental J-Pop days, what immediately comes … Continue reading

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My Favorite 360 or so…. J-Pop Songs of All-Time (Vol. 5)

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Remember your very first love? Hello from still humid although it’s fall… Hawaii! And for today’s all-time favorite J-Pop songs installment (now up to volume 5!) I’ll be sharing~♥ not only an all-time fave but also music from the very … Continue reading

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My Favorite 360 or so…. J-Pop Songs of All-Time (Vol. 4)

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Sure you know the feeling, you’ve just completed a massive “best~of” list and then immediately without fail you begin questioning yourself.. did I leave a song out? Should this one or that one be higher? Lower? Or these ten I … Continue reading

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アンアン x Salute x マギー♡!~!

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「 マギー♡ x Salute」 And your half Japanese/ half Canadian (Scottish) cutie is back.. or as we say here your hapa~cutie! Okay so Maggy’s♡ already had quite the abundance of posts here so I’m pretty sure you’re already up to … Continue reading

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~ 「TGIF!」 Idol♡s unzipped on way back Fridays Presents an all-time favorite drama series…. “Hana yori dango” episode 5 (volume 139)

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Happy Aloha~♥ Friday!~! And on tonight’s momentous times-a~ton-episode we’re talking a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a most unexpected appearance, we go total sleuthing for a bit and there’ll be horror and more fights and there’ll be more heart upon heart … Continue reading

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SMAPxSMAP BISTRO SP… “That One Time Nomo Hideo & Matsu Takako Dined Together and it all Ended with a “Batsu” Kiss!”

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~Fuzzy Memories Presents! ~SMAPxSMAP BISTRO Special FT. Nomo Hideo & Matsu Takako~ The “fuzzy” clip above comes once again from an old VHS of mine and the inspiration for transferring this particular yesteryear Smap x Smap Bistro gem from VHS … Continue reading

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