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アンアン x Salute x マギー♡!~!

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「 マギー♡ x Salute」 And your half Japanese/ half Canadian (Scottish) cutie is back.. or as we say here your hapa~cutie! Okay so Maggy’s♡ already had quite the abundance of posts here so I’m pretty sure you’re already up to … Continue reading

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北原里英xgirls! PURE IDOL MAGAZINE VOL.46 > 2100 ¥ =)~!!

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Some idols simply aren’t capable of an average photograph… and here my NGT48 Oshi~♥ received “girls! PURE IDOL MAGAZINE” covergirl honors for their volume number 46 issue so of course I had to order it =)!! And while I usually … Continue reading

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Per request by Skuff, I’ve just scanned and added NGT48’s Tano Ayaka’s nine page pictorial and article from the latest issue of UTB (Vol.246 October 2016). 妖精とアイスクリーム Her article is titled “Yousei to aisukuri-mu” which is really cute! I mean … Continue reading

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宮脇♡咲良 vs。 兒玉♡遥

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宮脇咲良 vs。 兒玉遥 Well with UTB’s latest issue (vol.246 October 2016) featuring double-HKTGirl covers, yup Sakuratan’s on the front cover while Haruppi’s on the back cover! =)… it was hard to resist not adding yet another versus poll here ^^*. Both HKT48/AKB48 … Continue reading

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~Hot Summer Reads 2016~ The current #1 Best Selling magazine @ Amazon Japan covers a rather tender of topics. And this year’s anan summertime sex* issue created quite the buzz both positively and negatively regarding overall depth of sensitive* content … Continue reading

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~Hot Summer Reads 2016~ A~h of the dog days of midsummer, Sakura and an inch of manga! Yup it’s come for the Sakura pictorial/cover and stay for the comics?? Or is it the other way around? =) In any case … Continue reading

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~Oshima♡Yuko 2017 Calendar Preview ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!

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Always excited to see my ex-AK-Oshi Oshima Yuko grace the media pages with something anew! Sure it’s just three pages in this recent issue of FRIDAY magazine, but they’re three wonderful pages at that!~! And even from the very brief … Continue reading

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Encore Theater Proudly Presents! “~got Kimutaku?” (because your second time’s* always BETTER (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!)

…and it was much less awkward and painful right o(*´∀`)o゛、seriously though and in further celebration~*~~* of our recent “Long Vacation” nostalgic drama watching, I thought why not follow up last week’s Takenouchi Yutaka shashinshuu post by encoring quite possibly the … Continue reading

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「Pretty in Pink」

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~Hot Summer Reads 2016~ Starring: The Most Adorable Girl in the World ^^ Because you subscribe to idol magazines for the articles ^^. On babysitting duty tonight!! So I only had time to scan this magazine and make one silly … Continue reading

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大原櫻子「大好き♡」This is why I ♡ music (*´∀`*) ♪♪!

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Music should move you, make you feel…. and every now and then you come across an extraordinary song, one which your heart will always long to hear no matter the days gone by~. HOWEVER. It’s the coupling w/ song “Tremolo … Continue reading

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