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Yan Yan’s still a magazine I collect on a selective basis and it’s always their covers which entice~♥. The magazine rather like a digest…that being its similar size to an issue of Reader’s Digest a magazine I’d see at my … Continue reading

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~Yan Yan Yan にゃんにゃんにゃん♪~...

Mayuyu♥ in Yan Yan…(Scan0010) Yan Yan Vol.9 January 2010 …so why Mayuyu first? She's really the member who first caught my eye as it was ultimately Watarirouka Hashiritai that did it =). Well there were other strong factors involved but … Continue reading

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~Playboy covergirl AKB48′s Maeda Atsuko in Hawaii, Korin’s♥ lovely rage & AKB48 in Yan Yan~

Maeda Atsuko in Weekly Playboy… "Majisuka Gakuen" character chart in Weekly Playboy… Finding this one copy~* was quite lucky while out shelf browsing/shopping♥ っo(*´∀`)o!It's also interesting that Playboy is released weekly in Japan (・o・)!。。and in a continuing quest to discover … Continue reading

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