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~The race♥ for Aichan’s “私” starts here~ ^ ^

Aichan♥ in "私"… 高橋愛最新写真集。。”私”。 *Thank you* to Anise & Cloves, Ada xD, maiZe & Hello!Jessie for sharing your thoughts on Aichan♥ in her leadership~ role…so many facets of her personality, professionalism, ability and intangibles learned over time as an idol♥~ … Continue reading

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Sometimes words aren’t necessary…Aichan♥ in “私”

Takahashi Ai in "私" Takahashi Ai shashinshuu collection complete This was supposed to be my very first silent post where I shut up~ but I'm such a blabbermouth….so (*´艸`) just a few words…….. 😛 Hmm…who am I kidding….lol I can't … Continue reading

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