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Why October 25th is gonna be the BEST day of the year~*~~* (*´∀`) うれしー♡~♡~♡!

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..that would be in my humble and oh so heavily biased heart though! As my Oshi~♡ Mayuyu~♡ is FINALLY getting a new shashinshuu release!~! I mean how long has it been since “The Mayuyu~nator??” Okay that only “makes sense” if … Continue reading

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Dear BRODY…. you had me @ Mayuyu~♥ \(^o^)/

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My very first issue of BRODY and it’s quite the jam packed idol publication, filled with beautifully shot gravure pictorials, in-depth interviews and the latest in pop culture reviewed! And it’s most notable to mention that the top featured pictorials … Continue reading

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Your Mayuyu♡ wake-up call o(*´∀`)o゛~♡!!!!

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Remember a short while back when I featured those cute and highly limited 10th anniversary~*~~* AKB48 alarm clocks here? Well how times flies as the Mayuyu one I pre-ordered has arrived!! Had to go with my Oshi~♥ right?! In all … Continue reading

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~Mayuyu~♡ in FLASH!!! July 2015…

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~Hot Summer Reads 2015~ Yup! I’m still scanning my way through this endless pile… =)! ~But wait let us first pause for just a bit to visualize just how hot this summer’s been so far! (・д・`*)!!! ~Order your very own … Continue reading

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↑↑↑ まゆゆ~♡のお尻は、強い!(*´艸`)!~!~!~!! Watanabe Mayu vs. Takeuchi Miyu Call it the annual Butt~Off or in the case of AKB48’s Stage Fighter it’s Butt-Sumo Yay!! and what could be better (。ーωー。)笑!Now if only my butt could earn me some yummy treats! Wait…that … Continue reading

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One Sakura♡ to rule them all. (Part 2)

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~Hot Summer Reads 2015~   Continuing with my “tiny” Sakura~Covergirl obsession in printed media here’s going waaay back to this pretty incredible issue of FLASH, here it’s their coveted SPECIAL Gravure BEST issue from last December 5th. Lots to love … Continue reading

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「Mayuyu♡ x Flash」

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~Hot Summer Reads 2015~ A lot of times the content which lured you to a particular magazine turns out to be short and sweet~♥ and such is Mayuyu’s article in this issue of Flash from waaaaaay earlier this year but … Continue reading

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Looks more like a Mayuyu~♡ fashion shoot doesn’t it? It’s all part of a tie-up campaign in collaboration with Avail fashion with one of the coupling with songs here taking center stage and there’s even an awesome fashion booklet!…. but … Continue reading

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ーーー> ♡。 (sigh♥….) AWww~uh! Now isn’t that the sweetest!~! Now a man donning this here T-shirt is surely making a statement =P! Love how the word beer has bubbles in it too =). And for us nothing says … Continue reading

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2015 Watanabe Mayu Wall Calendar (complete preview)

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We had some freaky (notice I use that word a lot=P) overcast weather yesterday while I was photographing the wall calendars and with the sun barely peeking in and out okay lighting turned to bad lighting in these tiny time … Continue reading

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