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~Hot Summer Reads 2015~   As promised here’s a little ManoPreview~♥ with a heavy dose of ManoBody in mind as we all await the arrival of her upcoming shashinshuu titled appropriately “Escalation!” which is slated for a September 19th release … Continue reading

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~「ted」 from Akihabara ~~>Mark Wahlberg’s house (encore…♡)

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A long time friend here @ WordPress has of lately ↓↓ fallen 100% completely out of love with Paruru~♡ =(. And that makes me sad…. And so for this friend,  CODE NAME: (Yup it’s a real brainteaser to break LOL, … Continue reading

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~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (Volume 72)

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Happy Aloha~♥ Friday \(^o^)/!!! Sorry I’ve been so absent here recently (-∀-`)、but I’ll be back to ‘normal’ blogging tendencies soon as I’ll have much more free time to do what I love here =). ~Before she ruled the Oricon~ For … Continue reading

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~Ricchan+ (UTB Plus Vol.16 November 2013 pt.1)

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While there is scouting for the future in sports, so is there in idoling-world and while management and the powers that be play a most influential role in building the aura and publicity no doubt, fans in a large way … Continue reading

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UTB vol.215 August 2013 features Covergirl Milky, HKT48’s adorable in command, my Nakki encyclopedia salesgirl fantasy & a change in UTB’s extras format.

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2013 Hot Summer Reads… Get UTB delivered right to your door! UTB can be subscribed to @ cdjapan. UTB’s August 2013 issue marks a little change in their extras format and the trend of changing things up whether it be … Continue reading

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~UTB vol.214 June 2013 pt.3

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Hm….still not a subscribed fan? Well let Yoshimoto Miyu featuring her shashinshuu debut aka: COVERGIRL♥ glamour, SKE48’s adorable x’s a million Kizaki Yuria, AKB48’s Oba Mina, NMB48’s adorable girlie~girl Mirumiru, the seiyuu duo of petit milady’s Yuki Aoi & Taketatsu … Continue reading

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北原里英 & 岩崎名美♥ in UTB vol.214 June 2013 pt.2

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One is our beloved it~girl of AKB/SKE48 while the other is an up and coming model/idol/actress whom I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of into the future! Kitahara Rie & Iwasaki Nami UTB♥で... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

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~矢島舞美♥ in UTB vol.214 June 2013 pt.1

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Take it from 菊池翔子~♥, UTB the thing that’s been missing from your arms….your life =D. Seriously though I don’t work for UTB♥ although that’d be awesome!!! Just imagine all of the idol photo shoots and free underwear ………(゜∀゜)………。!!!~♥!Still it’s a … Continue reading

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~UTB vol.2013 April 2013 features covergirl Airiin, Sasshi in white, red hot Mocchi, yarn bondage & Nana♥

I’ve finally gotten to the latest issue of UTB and first what a great cover!…so initially I was really hoping for trading card set A for Sasshi however set B is pretty great too with Mocchi, Yasshi and Airiin whom … Continue reading

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Today’s arrivals…

The bundling continues with today’s order containing a couple of Blu-ray Mr.Children !concerts, AKB48’s 1830m no yume in Tokyo Dome Blu-ray concert (wanted that gigantic box set but it was wooooh expensive =O!), Hirano Aya’s new single (so excited that … Continue reading

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