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Possible tsunami advisory for Hawaii

A magnitude 8.2 earthquake off the coast of Chile has Hawaii on alert for any tsunami threat but so far the assessment looks to be that we may be safe, however the situation is still being studied so we’re not … Continue reading

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~Hawaii reacts to the tsunami’s continuing impact felt here while our aloha~ spirit♥ shows a way to help send aid to Japan

Hello, just a couple of local news broadcasts to share today from our early evening news as the effects of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan continue to affect so many and even across the ocean here in Hawaii. … Continue reading

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~A view of Japan after the tsunami

CNN releases NHK footage with an overview of the tsunami’s aftermath on Saturday It’s now just past 11 am Saturday in Japan as I begin to type this and with the light of day there you can see so much … Continue reading

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~Waking up to a tsunami warning in Hawaii

The civil defense sirens have been going off since late last night at about 11 pm so I can’t imagine anyone here getting much sleep if any and for most of us I think we’ve been either busy evacuating to … Continue reading

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Bracing for a tsunami to arrive here…thank you so much for your concern~♥

~Thank you so much for your concern~♥!。。。o(*´∀`)o゛、receiving messages from Zush, Mikey and Jeff D this morning and I wanted to assure everyone that they're saying I'm safely out of the evacuation zones which are all around Oahu's shoreline areas and … Continue reading

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