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「Featured」Can your idol do this?…♪♪

谷村有美 Tanimura Yumi “Ai wa genki desu” (album cover scan). Some of the most prominent idols of yesteryear went on to become accomplished musicians & songwriters which is something that for the most part, today’s idols are perhaps still striving … Continue reading

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「Featured post」Tanimura Yumi ♥ continues…

谷村有美 …just adding a few more clips including both live clips and a couple of pvs…. For a somewhat more informative and structured post on Tanimura Yumi see just south of here or you can click~* here…(as i’ve been gradually … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~The Ayaya connection…Tanimura Yumi in focus.

I’ve been meaning to post a few songs by Tanimura Yumi, the artist/writer that penned both the lyrics and music for Ayaya’s single release “Egao” and its coupling with track “Anata ni deaete.” Dating back to 1988, Tanimura Yumi has … Continue reading

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Matsuura Aya 笑顔。

Matsuura Aya "Egao" single release & PV DVD single Ayaya's long awaited new single release "Egao" has finally arrived. Her current trend of releasing ballads continues and I can't stress enough how great these 2 new songs are. Why this … Continue reading

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松浦亜弥 ニューシングル リリース。

GAM Ayaya (Rakuten Eagles) At last! Ayaya's new single has been rescheduled for release. Awhile back a new single had been planned but for reasons unknown it was shelved suddenly. I speculate that perhaps her attention to GAM her unit … Continue reading

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