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I dream~♡ of Paruru 「Confessions of an introvert」

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A little bit of salt, grape juice and avocados…. add in a few pickled plums and wrap carefully in melonpan ^^*. Did I just invent the “Chalupa” “Paru~pa?” (*≧▽≦)! Seriously though as a Paruru~♡ adorer/ fan/ obsess~or (think that’s an … Continue reading

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~高橋みなみ「Jane Doe」

A few days ago I came across a comment in regards to Takamina asking…..’who is this girl?’…and also saying….’she looks so ordinary and doesn’t seem special, I don’t get it.’ The road to “Jane Doe” for Takamina has been rather … Continue reading

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Today’s arrivals…

Takamina♥’s solo debut “Jane Doe” arrived today along with C-ute♥’s new single “Crazy kanzen na otona”, both just released April 3rd (yesterday in Japan!). One release includes a poster and I was quite surprised to see Takamina’s single including in … Continue reading

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~TAKAMINAMAN saving no3b one member at a time ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!~!

Whether it be Miichan perhaps wearing Takaminman’s panties or the fighting spirit~*~~* of Team A needing a pep talk, tune in to find out the truth about the many heroics of our caped hero as she saves the ‘world’….one dilemma … Continue reading

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~I ♥ Takamina

Taken before that surreal~freaky department store~>scented candles~>shopping bag~> incident (-∀-`).... ..and can you say most smoldering Takamina♥ solo photo shoot ever! ♥ this ↑↑ ! like you’re not sure if Takamina’s going to kick our butts (in a gentle manner … Continue reading

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~Takamina♥ + aroma candles + shopping bag = Takamina♥ – Blossom x Cute ∞~♥

Candles as art are pretty but really?…Aroma candles in a department store~~> lights shopping bag she’s carrying?~~> catches Takamina’s hair on fire?! What the (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ??! It all sounds a bit freakish like something out of one of those Final Destination … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~If Takamina♥ were a Powerpuff Girl she’d be Blossom♥~

It’s funny how the very initial aesthetics are obvious when it comes to accessorizing as a single cute~♥ hair bow atop is a constant and a fashion statement must!! Mmm but when you really dig a bit “deeper”….Blossom and Takamina….Takamina … Continue reading

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~Still 2011 calendar shopping?…Takahashi Minami complete preview~

My third calendar shopping spotlight in on Takamina~♥ and while I was so sure that Sasshi~♥ would out~cosplay everyone I think Takamina~♥ has an argument for that sentiment~*! Takamina…..the backbone….their greatest mentor and one of the most vibrant personalities in … Continue reading

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~Takamina~♥ releasing her 1st shashinshuu!

AKB48 Team A’s Takahashi Minami Takahashi Minami’s 1st photo book "Takamina" With Acchan already with so many pbs it's hard to imagine that this will be Takamina's very first photo book! Scheduled to be released on September 22nd you can … Continue reading

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~AKB48 flashbacks/ Breaktime~* with Harutaccharina (*≧▽≦)♪ UTB Vol.175 Aug. 2006~

Takamina♥ oyachumi* UTB Vol.175 August 2006, the DVD issues… Takamina, showing us how to perform one of my most favorite♥ activities in life, sleep which I don’t get enough of though (+_+)。。。and I just love Japanese style~* nicks so from … Continue reading

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