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A Tackey & Tsubasa Travelogue. (Fan~girling ….inevitable!!)

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While I’m sure that countless Tackey & Tsubasa fans have made their latest album “TRIP & TREASURE TWO” a regularly heavily rotated listening choice for the past five or so months ….as this album is quite unique as it breaks … Continue reading

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タッキー&翼~♡「山手線内回り~愛の迷路~/ 時間旅行 Second!」

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Just released on the 23rd!~! ….the handsomest + cutest!! + I WANT THEM~♡~! duo on planet earth returned with a new double A~side single release!! Now if you recall their “Trip & Treasure” album which was released waaaaay back in … Continue reading

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タッキー&翼「Two Tops Treasure」

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A heartwarming storyline. A hot Latin inspired number. Retro inspired packaging. Doubly cool strolls down memory lane. And that’s just hinting at the extras as firstly T&T’s latest album offers up twelve tracks including lots of new songs to love … Continue reading

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~12 Pack~♡ ………(゜∀゜)………。!!!!!!

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This is a twelve pack of beer. =) This is beer having an orgasm* Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!!! This is a Tackey♡ & Tsubasa♡ Twelve Pack*. This is good reason to have an orgasm* ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!! I officially nominate T&T’s “Dakinatsu” single for sexiest … Continue reading

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~タッキー&翼 、to the cosmos and beyond…

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It’s been quite a long wait putting it lightly, and at long last we have a new single from Tackey & Tsubasa aka: the sexiest Johnny’s duo ever!!!! Just released on March 19th, T&T has rewarded fans with quite the … Continue reading

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~タッキー&翼 reminiscing, + 横浜アリーナ live 2010.11.7….

I’ve been wanting this concert for awhile (like from over two years ago and then it slipped my mind (-∀-`) ) and luckily the limited edition was still available so it comes with the extra DVD containing a documentary of … Continue reading

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~The world will never forget…

Released one year to the day after the tragedy, this most moving song still resonates poignantly today as it ever did~. 9/11 ~Tackey & Tsubasa~ “The World Will Never Forget…” The lyric and melody here so beautiful and yet so … Continue reading

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~J-drama “Taiyou no kisetsu”, why you must watch…

How far will a grudge take you? What sacrifices would you make to fit into society? How will the cost of losing true friendships affect you? Can you persevere through the thick of it all? Just a few of the … Continue reading

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It’s been sooooooo long to wait and now Tackey & Tsubasa are re~united♥ and while they surely had numerous equally addicting solo ventures (admittedly I’m much more in love with Tackey though!) I think they’re so much better together as … Continue reading

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The world will never forget…

In remembrance of 9/11. This Tackey & Tsubasa song was released on September 11th, 2002. To all those affected by this tragic day my thoughts and prayers~ go out to you. 04 The world will never forget... Tackey & Tsubasa Read and post comments … Continue reading

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