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~Got Airiin+? (UTB Plus Vol.16 November 2013 pt.3)

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Need more Airiin♡? Airiin off-shots from her latest shashinshuu “Oyoganai natsu”, consider these an appetizer for an upcoming digital photo book release ~*. ~♡.

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2013 Hot Summer Reads… ..okay so there’s really not that much to read here outside of the credits page as Airiin’s now 11th solo photo book (including her ‘Perfect Book’) was just released a little over a week ago and … Continue reading

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~Weekly Playboy September 2nd, 2013 features AKB48’s top three, Airiin pb off shots & Sano Hinako’s solo gravure debut…

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2013 Hot Summer Reads Weekly Playboy’s September 2nd issue features AKB’s center Sasshi along with Yuko and Mayuyu  as covergirls and if you’ve received your copies of their latest single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”  then you may recognize the coordinated colors … Continue reading

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Now scanning….

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..yup prepare to be seduced by C-ute’s Airiin as she even gives us the bedroom ~* eyes look in her latest shashinshuu.

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鈴木愛理~♡ デジタフォトブック Vol.107

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Lovely off shots from Airiin’s “Kono kaze ga suki” shashinshuu which weren’t included in last year’s photo book. And already a new pb on the way!… Koki Nishida/Suzuki Airi Shashin Shu (Photo Book) “Oyoganai Natsu” 1905 yen US$19/101.46  Release Date:2013/08/20 … Continue reading

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~Catching up w/ UTB (vol.212)

And on the final leg of our three issue UTB catching up tour for today, here’s a few highlights from volume 212….. …issue also includes a bonus Yukirin large sized poster. Also so happy with the trading cards I received … Continue reading

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~Catching up w/ UTB (Vol.210)

I’ve fallen behind with the last few issues here and actually the newest April 2013 issue has already arrived, so just to catch up a bit, here are a few highlights from the prior three UTBs♥ beginning with volume 210….. … Continue reading

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鈴木愛理「パーフェクトブック Airi-aL」 Your complete guide to looking, feeling, dressing, collecting, understanding & smelling like Airiin♥

Sometimes the very best come in the tiniest and cutest of packages, such is the case for Airiin’s “perfect book!” Measuring in @ approximately just 8 1/4” x 6” this all inclusive book is quite tiny but don’t let its … Continue reading

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Today’s arrivals…

Nakki and Sa~yummy shashinshuu as well as the latest singles from SMAP and AKB48 arrived just today but Airin’s cute little ‘all about Airi’ book will be first to post here ^ ^。

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「featured post」~Beauty & the Ham♥

Starring C-ute’s: Yajima Maimi as Beauty~♥ & Suzuki Airi as Ham~♥ Happily this most unique live release once again became available after an initial pre~order period at which time this release had gone out of print much to my surprise … Continue reading

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