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鈴木愛理 「スタイルブック Airi‐sT」Your complete guide to beautifying, exercising, styling, showering ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ(* ̄o ̄*)>ヽ`、ヽ & dining like Airiin~♡

This gallery contains 231 photos.

You recall back in late 2013 when I gushed~* over Airiin’s then very first ↑↑↑ personal book extravaganza which amounted to a “complete guide to looking, feeling, dressing, collecting, understanding & smelling like Airiin♥??  <~~There I did a complete scan … Continue reading

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~It’s The Masters, well sort of… it’s Yuukorin♥ vs. Airiin♥ (*≧▽≦)♪

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Well Augusta is upon us again and as Tiger may be even beyond his career “back nine”, the new guard of youthful players such as Jordan Spieth who’s current atop the leaderboard is filling the role of got “next on” … Continue reading

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℃-ute~♡「 THE FUTURE DEPARTURE 9→10 周年記念 コンサートツアー2015春」

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C-ute’s anniversary concert which was held on June 11, 2015 @ Yokohama Arena arrived on beautiful Blu-ray & DVD this past September the 9th and to put it lightly ….this 29 song event is soooooo worth every cent it’s asking … Continue reading

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One Sakura♡ to rule them all. (Part 4)

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~Hot Summer Reads 2015~ Now here’s easily one of my most favorite Sakura~♡ magazine covers of them all!!!! UTB’s vol.230 June 2015 issue!! Still one of the very best idol publications out there and for some time now UTB has … Continue reading

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GRAVURE The Airiin♡

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Also featured in this issue, aside from the opening pictorial/article with captivating covergirls Mayuyu & Sakuran getting their sexy black on posted here a few days ago, is a really gorgeously shot Airiin♡ captured with the casual warmth of spring~*. … Continue reading

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鈴木 愛理~♡ デジタフォトブック Vol.123

This gallery contains 232 photos.

Need more Airiin? Well H!P Digital Photo Book vol.123 provides lots and lots of Airiin off-shots from her most recent shashinshuu “Kyomei” which is her most beautiful and sensually charged pictorial collection to date! “Kyomei” can be seen here. ~♥

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Good-Night ( 」´0`)」Zzzzz……

So I’m about to literally crash from being up for nearly 27 hours straight, …high off of Mayuyu♥’s Senbatsu.. so all I have for U at this moment ~* is this: =P.

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鈴木愛理 VS. 矢島舞美写真集バットル!

~2014 Hot Summer Reads~ Welcome to the second annual idol shashinshuu face-off! As it’s always fun to compare idol shashinshuu and here we have the latest offerings from two very much heavy weights when it comes to the world of … Continue reading

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鈴木愛理~♡ デジタフォトブック Vol.115

This gallery contains 228 photos.

Need more Airin? Need more “Oyoganai Natsu?” Here are even more off~shots from Hello! Project’s ongoing digital series. Scans from her eleventh original photo book can be found here. And I’ve actually found photo after photo here being most shashinshuu … Continue reading

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鈴木愛理~♡ デジタフォトブック Vol.114

This gallery contains 224 photos.

As with every Hello! Project photo book shashinshuu, so come the off-shots with volume 114 paying further tribute to all of the adorableness which is Airiin~♥! It never ceases to amaze just how many previously unpublished photos there always are … Continue reading

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