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“So I see your schwartz is BIGGER than mine!”

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And who couldn’t have loved and gotten a good laugh out of “Spaceballs?!!” =) But seriously though I’m a “certified” Star Wars geek and most proud of it so today’s special unveiling of a little sneak peek which aired during … Continue reading

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~Eat w/ these chopsticks, U will…m~M.

Who could resist? I mean we’ve all seen the countless made~for~home~(use) lightsaber inventions over the years right: Those plastic tubes which were basically a flashlight paired with said elongated tube which illuminated with a colored “beam” which came in handy … Continue reading

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I am your father’s second cousin’s brother’s dentist’s neighbor’s mechanic from down the street…

…and that can only mean one thing. I bet you're wondering how I can possibly fix your car. 😛 And also if you haven't yet got your pet(s) a costume for Halloween don't wait too much longer as the good … Continue reading

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Out of the box and on the loose.

Final Fantasy and friends. Final Fantasy and friends. After taking them out of their boxes and throwing away the boxes here's where most of my figures are displayed on top of these shelves. FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, Tenchi Muyo!, Sanrio, … Continue reading

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