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~Diverse Japan interviews Takeda Rina

Spencer Peet recently had the amazing opportunity to not only meet this talented young actress but he also composed a most insightful interview one~on~one with her which he shares~* with us @ his Diverse Japan website~  (be sure to check … Continue reading

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~MorningBerryz in latest issue of NEO magazine~ ♥

~Today (December 3rd, 2009) is a most *special* day for MorningBerryz~(人∀`*)♥!!!A~h (._.;) okay I was having a bit of trouble with the title~…and how to say it here・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 Neo issue 66 cover ~Today I'm so very humbled o(*´∀`)o゛to be thanked … Continue reading

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