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Safari issues?

I’m been getting spammed every which way to Sunday…sometimes even Monday so I thought I’d just ask for some assistance in determining whether this comment below is legit or not. Furthermore I don’t have the Safari browser nor do I … Continue reading

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~Spamache (((((*>ω<)))))!!!!!

頭痛(((((*>ω<)))))!!! Gosh I haven't had an actual headache (((((*>ω<)))))!in so so long now (now not unlike the last time a "friend" XD gave me too much wine in hopes of something magical* happening ( ┰_┰))、and while spam doesn't physically hurt you … Continue reading

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Is today national SPAM Day?…this is most saddening (+_+).

SPAM (ノロ≦。)!!! SPAM is so popular~* here that at times I think they should move wherever their factory is to Hawaii♥ え~へ(*≧▽≦)!。。however that's so not the Spam I'm speaking of sadly (+_+)。 Seems today I've received an extra abundance of … Continue reading

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