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「Featured Post」~Talkin’ smac!~ 3 easy steps to acquiring your very own free custom idol♥gear…(^q^)!

Feeling tired (_´Д`)ノ。。of your same old wardrobe?  “Euphoria” Want to feel the euphoria~* of custom idol♥gear? ………(゜∀゜)………。  …but low on cash$? Well now there’s a way~ to get a~hold of rare concert merchandise.. ..and its free!!!! っo(*´∀`)o! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Instructional…music video … Continue reading

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M.Kinenbi’s “Onegai miwakuno target”-Will the person at UFA who has lost their mind please stand up!

メロン記念日のニューシングルお願い魅惑のターゲット。 You may be thinking that this all looks very normal right now but the problem is that this happens to be a picture of the back cover (part of the extended obi) of their new single release "Onegai miwaku … Continue reading

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