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~Idol Games。。。(;゜□゜)!!!

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Happy Friday Late Night!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what happens when you should be asleep? Idol games. They come in all varieties and shapes. That in which a mischievous mind can conjure up has apparently no limits to said mischievousness. That being … Continue reading

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~For the Gratuity of unmotivated Butt in the Moon Beam walks to Spartacus & the ‘Occasional’ Case of Girl Undressing…

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(The nature of this post and some of its visuals are of a mature nature so if you’re under the age of 18 or that sort of thing bothers you, please refrain from viewing this post. Thank you. =) ) … Continue reading

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The art of being Mayuyu♥~rized

(‘Mayuyu♥~rized’, it’s something like being posterized only much cuter!!) ~Mayuyu art gallery~ Sorry I haven’t had much time to be online recently (-∀-`)、but with a couple of days of scanning I’ve scanned the majority of Mayuyu’s♥ 2nd and newest shashinshuu … Continue reading

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~All About Seifuku

Starring: (in order of appearance) Shiraishi Mizuho B88cm Seifuku Mizugi Lolly ~Shiraishi Mizuho (seifuku) making of~ ~Shiraishi Mizuho (mizugi) making of~ ~Shiraishi Mizuho (off shot) making of~

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「Featured post」~足よんの字固め。。。(;゜□゜)!!!

What if your life depended on finding your “brother” really quickly?? And just what in the world does that stick Yui~chan’s holding say? No she didn’t just pee on it to test for pregnancy. Although now that I think about … Continue reading

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~SCANDAL’s 「Pride」, seifuku♥ fashion tips & collaboration and which band member is your favorite?

SCANDAL’s Tomomi says it best when describing seifuku making girls look 5x’s cuter!! And just as AKB48’s Tomochin has collaborated with CONOMi now SCANDAL too has set up a collaboration page @ Cdjapan where you can see their personal fashion … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~Seifuku♥101~

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While I think most everyone has either seen or worn seifuku♥ wouldn’t it be cute and sexy* to be able to witness the variations in style and the dressing and undressing  of a most adorable idol~♥ as  if you were … Continue reading

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~Coming soon! Seifuku♥101!

seifuku♥101… Ever wonder how to get that tie on just right?..or just the proper way of wearing seifuku♥ which comes in many styles~*? From socks to sailor tops to skirts from plaid to solid colors and everything cute and in … Continue reading

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~Ah! wanna dress like an idol? Want that Tomochin style?(*´∀`)♥~

Seifuku♥. You’ve seen this fashion countless number of times on t.v., in dramas, in music videos, @ your school,……in your bedroom too??? really (*´艸`)!!。。。。and yet I’m guessing hm. No matter how much seifuku is currently in your life there just … Continue reading

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“井上真央十五の夏に”…art, salt, sweat and the occasional right hook.

Inoue Mao "Juugo no natsu ni" (DVD insert scan) Can your idol DVD do this? Before she was punching out Matsujun, Maochan was living the good idol life and here are just little snippets from her December 2002 DVD release. … Continue reading

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