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~A few sights and sounds from the 2010 Kouhaku Utagassen…

Happy New Year everyone っo(*´∀`)o!!! Here every New Years day we’re treated a complete broadcast of Japan’s New Years eve musical celebration which pits the Red (women’s team) against the White (men’s team) in a cumulative singing showdown and much … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」Jpop Tales from the Crypt Part II ~The night of Tsunku, The Mummy & the paint orgasm~(・o・)

*Pearl~* ~Once again we ask upon Pearl~* to deliver such haunting words of a story from long long ago…..  J~pop tales from the crypt is back for its second installment of spookiness. The year: 1996….and long before the ideas of … Continue reading

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~A few sights & sounds from NHK’s 60th Kouhaku~ ♪♪

(Due to me recording this in EP (ノロ≦。)!and even though on DVD~…these screencaps are most *fuzzy*!!! so it may be best to not click on their already overwhelming *fuzziness*~ (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓) (The video clips I hope look a bit better…*sigh*..(+_+) … Continue reading

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Arashi♥ to make Kouhaku Utagassen debut~♪♪

Hmm….all I really want to say is 嵐~!嵐~!嵐~!嵐~!!!!I learned from Guldari just recently that Arashi♥ will make their Kouhaku debut at this year's Red & White Songfest♪♪~ どっきどき!o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥ Happily the Kouhaku is broadcast here in Hawaii each year on January … Continue reading

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59th NHK Kouhaku….it’s all about Mr.Children! ^-^

I just realized that it's already up for download so instead of uploading the 14 or so performances that moved me the most in this year's Red & White, here are just a few thoughts and of course my beloved … Continue reading

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Less than an hour till the Kouhaku is broadcast!

While it's not a live broadcast here, it's still really great that we're treated to an annual presentation of the Kouhaku on a local t.v. station…and it's only about 45 minutes more until it begins! (^o^)/ So exciting to see … Continue reading

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Hello! Project’s out of NHK’s (59th) Kouhaku lineup but there’s a special surprise!

The 59th Kouhaku draws ever nearer but I wasn't aware that the "Red" and "White" lineups were already announced until Saburo sent my brother the link to their official site here.…where you can view both team's complete lineups. While Momusu/H!P … Continue reading

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NHK’s Kouhaku to pay tribute to Sakai Izumi & finding closure in “Tooi hi no nostalgia.”

Zard’s final single "Glorious Mind" On December 12th Zard released the final works of vocalist and lyricist Sakai Izumi. Just that sentence alone fills me with a strange disbelief and although months have gone by since her sudden and tragic … Continue reading

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