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12212012…everyday is like Sunday (and other songs for the apocalypse)

~Morrissey “Everyday is like Sunday” mp3~ I’ve always found this song by Morrissey from back in the late 80’s to be beautifully tragic, with such lyrics the music can’t help but remain hauntingly pretty. Morrissey’s voice a past addiction of … Continue reading

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~A great one from Jude

A buddy here turned me onto this song and even with my ongoing love affair with all things Beatles including solo works from John, Paul, George and Ringo sorry Ringo I just never quite got you that way =P….I’ve only … Continue reading

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“It’s fear of the unknown. UNKNOWN IS WHAT IT IS. Accept that it’s unknown and it’s plain sailing.” John Lennon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I may not have been born yet, but his music I think is timeless and amazing. remember love o(*´∀`)o゛♥, … Continue reading

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Amuro Namie’s “Best Fiction” and a few other tidbits…

Amuro Namie "Best Fiction" (booklet scan) July 30th saw the release of the next cumulative chapter in the amazing career of Amuro Namie which has endured personal turbulence, scan0030 (Including this most disturbing and sad family tragedy which occurred back … Continue reading

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久住小春の 2nd ソロ写真集 “Pop”- “Kohachan makes a bid for shashinshuu supremacy!”

Kusumi Koharu’s 2nd solo shashinshuu "Pop." Arriving today was my first order through HMV and along with Kohachan's PB I also received Rikachan's latest PB release. This was the first time that I've ordered shashinshuu's from anywhere besides Amazon Japan … Continue reading

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Kohachan “Pop” preview pics already out!

Saburo just sent me these pics and it didn't take very long for a preview of "Pop" to be unveiled!   Kohachan "Pop" preview Kohachan "Pop" preview Seifuku is so cute and as evidenced in 2 of these shots it's … Continue reading

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久住小春 ニュー写真集。

Kusumi Koharu Pop shashinshuu It looks like Kohachan's 2nd shashinshuu will attempt to fight for H!P PB supremacy! And with this :O cover it's already been added to the ballot but the final results won't be known until it's released … Continue reading

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