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~Never say never….

..now I just wonder where’s the Captain’s shashinshuu…? NEOBK-894595 Okai Chisato/C-ute Chisato Okai First photobook  BOOK 2857 yen US$34/85.14  Release Date:2010/12/24 URL – http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=NEOBK-894595

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「Featured post」~AKB48 fashion♥ sensually yours!..lingerie sexy* to Jane Austen chic!~

AKB48 in “Wagamama Girlfriend♥”…hm do I spy Yukorin’s awesome dimples?? o(*´∀`)o゛ AKB48 “Wagamama Girlfriend” shashinshuu~* w/ kiss poster AkiP’s girls aren’t only taking the idol♥ music world by storm!!!..they’re also tackling fashion* sense and here with what I think its … Continue reading

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~Aichan♥ with 「Katachi」, still the shashinshuu princess…

高橋愛♥ in "Katachi"…(Hawaii~de) Takahashi Ai "Katachi" w/ making of DVD A~lo~ha♥~ (*≧∀≦)ノ!!!。。just beginning to watch our Rainbow Wahine softball team in the college world series as I start to type and upload images..so exited!!! And continuing with the theme~* of … Continue reading

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~Now scanning…

Takahashi Ai “Katachi” photo book… Takahashi♥Ai “Katachi” shashinshuu~* scans will be up soon =)! Send to a friend

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~Sayumin♥ in 「La」~*

道重さゆみ♥ Michishige Sayumi "La" shashinshuu release~* w/DVD… It's once again cute~* Sunday and it seems that more and more these days idols♥ are flocking to Guam for their photo shoots and video releases~*. Sayu here now @ 20, and gosh~* … Continue reading

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~Watarirouka Hashiritai’s first shashinshuu 「Akkanbe」~♥!

渡り廊下走り隊♥ (scan0001) For mini~units and much like S/mileage I've just been so captivated with Watarirouka Hashiritai~* so upon seeing they were releasing a debut photo book I immediately jumped at the chance to pre~order! Up till now I've collected all … Continue reading

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~Now scanning ^ ^~。。。

渡り廊下走り隊ファースト写真集~♥「アッカンベー」 Send to a friend

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Oshima♥Yuko “Yuko no arienai nichijou” shashinshuu~*! Okay~* I’m in love♥!!!!…not in a girl/girl type of way so don’t get any ideas~ (。ーωー。)。。。but just today I received Korin’s most recent shashinshuu release~* and while she’s already been my most favorite♥ AKB … Continue reading

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~Arisa Noto Original Portrait Book~♥

Noto Arisa "ARi01"… Nocchi's photo book arrived today~* and it's a cute soft cover edition…maybe more like a "mook" ("magazine/book") release. Scans from an earlier post can be found here~*… and if anyone's interested in ordering Nocchi's book too, here's … Continue reading

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鮎川乃果写真集リリース、写真とDVD付き~ ~Today’s cute~* idol♥ is Ayukawa Honoka, a junior idol who has appeared previously in 07′ publications of “Young Jump” as “Seikore Grand Prix”…she also aspires to be an actress and has already made her drama acting debut~*. Honokachan has … Continue reading

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