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2015 Okamoto Rei♥ Wall Calendar (complete preview)

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We had some freaky (notice I use that word a lot=P) overcast weather yesterday while I was photographing the wall calendars and with the sun barely peeking in and out okay lighting turned to bad lighting in these tiny time … Continue reading

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And now a public service announcement from Okamo~♡

You’re welcome =).

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[Featured post] The Okamo♡ Part II

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~Okamo♥ presents your hot summer read!~ ..okay so Okamo’s “TRANS.” is not actually a read by any means but it’s still a hot summer book for your eyes and senses =D!! Rather a hot summer perusal then? And while some … Continue reading

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~Weekly Playboy July 1st, 2013 features Okamo~♡, Okada Sayaka, ex-AKB48’s Nakatsuka Tomomi & the sexual side of girls you’ve always wanted to know about but were afraid to ask…

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(This post contains visuals and text which are of a mature nature so if you’re under the age of 18 or that sort of thing bothers you, please refrain from viewing this post. Thank you. =) ) There’s lots to … Continue reading

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Young Jump 2013 No.28 features the Okamo♥ sequel you’ve been yearning for, a Koha~chan sighting and the sexy alien whisperer…

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~The Baby Lama Whisperer~ It’s true!!!!!! Just released yesterday, it’s Okamo’s♥ 2nd shashinshuu release and here with these oh~so~sweet~n~sexy preview shots is the latest Young Jump issue!!! While my copies (yes there are two heading here soon and one is … Continue reading

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~Reminiscing Okamo♥

BOMB T.V.’s online photo collection featuring Okamoto Rei~♥ also coincided with her BOMB magazine covergirl feature back in June of 2010. I didn’t previously have them all together at once so here I’m bringing them together for one cute~cute~cute!! encore … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~OKAMO♥ & candy*, making the universe infinitely cuter one photo @ a time っo(*´∀`)o!

~Sometimes an obi says it all! And in addition to her being the “it” child, the “it” girl and you know the idol whom evokes dreamy~dreams~* for guys, some girls, super heroes and mortals alike =)!!….this is her ”待望ファースト写真集!” as … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~My Life with Rei♥~

Okamoto♥Rei in Bomb! magazine June 2010… ….surely there would be an abundance of pillow♥fights~*, nightly if possible, the sharing of make~up secrets..mostly hers though as she always looks so radiantly beautiful and I could oh so benefit from any help … Continue reading

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Fashion tips for ’09?…adorable Okamoto Rei is here to help! ^ ^

While browsing through the latest issue of Myojo (February 2009) I came across this cute two page article featuring the always adorable Okamoto Reichan… Scan0157 Here we have a few fashion points to get you through 3 specific looks which … Continue reading

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岡本玲 vs 白鳥百合子。

Okamoto Rei Okamoto Rei Okamoto Rei Okamoto Rei Okamoto Rei As you can see these 2 idols are very different. It's adorable vs. sexy! Reichan's personality is sweet in a shy and almost nervous state while Yuriko has an aura … Continue reading

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