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「Featured post」仲間由紀恵~ A beautiful collage of life…♥!

Like countless others have done so before and since, Nakama Yukie’s rise to becoming one of Japan’s most celebrated actresses/celebrities passed through the gates of idol career, gravure model as well as a venture into a music career…the latter being … Continue reading

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仲間由紀恵さんは 歌手として♪♪。

Nakama Yukie "Tooi hi no melody" CD booklet (scan1) Hello!, this is just a little post as I'm currently up on about 12 hours of sleep total over the past 4 days (;´□`) ….mostly self inflicted though however I am … Continue reading

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39 reasons why I ♥ “Gokusen!” ^o^ ♪♪

“Gokusen” DVD season 1 ^ ^ 39. Yamaguchi sensei’s class “3-D” ranks among the most delinquent that I’ve ever seen…actually it’s more like a zoo at times! 😮 38. Nakama Yukie has grown to become my favorite actress overall…she’s just … Continue reading

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One of the films that I'm planning on watching this weekend ("Ooku") stars Nakama Yukie who's a really beautiful and well established actress in Japan who's also one of my favorite actresses. Actually this shashinshuu pictured below is from quite … Continue reading

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今日は アロハロ!新垣里沙DVDと武士の一分と大奥が来たんだ。

Today Gakisan's "Alo-Hello!" DVD along with 2 samurai period movies arrived just in time for the weekend. Gakisan's DVD looks like it's going to be really great and I'll post my thoughts as soon as I have a chance to … Continue reading

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Nakama Yukie in “Shinobi-Heart Under Blade.”

When it comes to packaging the Japanese sure know how to impress. Here is my premium edition of the movie "Shinobi" which stars Nakama Yukie and Odagiri Joe (who just about stole the show in "Azumi."). The movie is based … Continue reading

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