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℃-ute~♡「 THE FUTURE DEPARTURE 9→10 周年記念 コンサートツアー2015春」

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C-ute’s anniversary concert which was held on June 11, 2015 @ Yokohama Arena arrived on beautiful Blu-ray & DVD this past September the 9th and to put it lightly ….this 29 song event is soooooo worth every cent it’s asking … Continue reading

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Okay I just got done scanning the latest issue of UTB and it may be true that no idol booty, has ever boo~tied quite as booty~liciously as Rikacchi’s booty has boo~tied to date =D! And yet, the highlight of the … Continue reading

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~℃-ute 中島早貴♥最新ソロ写真集「N20」

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Currently not having the healthiest of a new year as you wouldn’t believe that I’ve yet again caught a cold although this time it feels much more familiar as it’s most likely just the common (may explain why I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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‘3rd Floor…perfume, ladies’ sleepwear, bikinis, lingerie, bedroom eyes ~* & Nakki♡.’

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Mesmerized yet? No? Well we can fix that =D. It can be firmly said that idol image DVDs aren’t aimed at the casual fan but rather for the most fanatical of followers of said idol. Like riding in an analogy … Continue reading

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~Nakki x Fukuchan x flipping the bird =O

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Ah the art of the obscene gesture…(^q^)! Whether you say ‘up yours’, ‘f U’ or simply gesture by giving the one finger salute or do it by flipping one the bird so to speak it’s a pretty universal and vulgar … Continue reading

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…if you didn’t get enough Nakki♥ with the release of “Nakasan” here are a few more photos in the form of off~shots which weren’t published in her photo book~.

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~℃-ute 中島早貴♥最新ソロ写真集「なかさん」

Who’s adora~cuter♥ than Nakki?? Well you’d be hard pressed to come up with that answer っo(*´∀`)o! Which leads me to just how hard it is to believe that this is Nakki’s now just 3rd shashinshuu as her natural~idol appeal and … Continue reading

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Today’s arrivals…

Nakki and Sa~yummy shashinshuu as well as the latest singles from SMAP and AKB48 arrived just today but Airin’s cute little ‘all about Airi’ book will be first to post here ^ ^。

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~ C-ute “You Ride Your Bicycle While I Catch the Train Home…”

C-ute’s latest and most addictive soft~rock jingle was offered up in an astounding 6 unique versions so aside from type A and its “dance shot ver.” DVD along with the coupling pv DVD single release it really came down to … Continue reading

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中島早貴 Nakajima Saki "NACKY" shashinshuu… It was just a matter of time before C-ute would complete their cycle of solo member shashinshuu~…no wait~!! where's Chisa's?!! UFI nande?!! (*>ω<)!!although given they are now a 5nin group~, still it's most sweet~* to … Continue reading

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