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Beauty and the Beast is brought to life!!

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~Beauty and the Beast (trailer)~ So who else is excited about the live action theatrical release of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”…!!? So there’s a bit of wait until next March the 17th but this is soooo gonna be amazing!! … Continue reading

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“So I see your schwartz is BIGGER than mine!”

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And who couldn’t have loved and gotten a good laugh out of “Spaceballs?!!” =) But seriously though I’m a “certified” Star Wars geek and most proud of it so today’s special unveiling of a little sneak peek which aired during … Continue reading

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If you are the one (Highly recommended viewing)

One of the more enjoyable films I’ve watched recently is from a few years ago starring Ge You and Shu Qi and with a running time of approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes this film is well worth its modest … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」“RED CLIFF I & II” (Highly recommended viewing)

Red Cliff I & II DVD set ~Every scene..a single brush stroke upon the canvas. Films to savor, for film making of this beauty and depth and scale don’t grace us very often..and the fates truly lie in ways of … Continue reading

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~Knight & Day meet World Cup craze?~

Knight & Day           Seems that World Cup mania is taking everyone by storm!!…..and it’s even reached what I think are the cutest and newest Hollywood movie pairing♥ in the upcoming film “Knight & Day” which … Continue reading

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~When girls go Musashi…and you thought your roommate was bad?(・д・`*)!!

Aichan♥ vs. Manoeri♥ (The Musashi tease~*)… Aichan♥ vs. Manoeri♥..”The Musashi tease~*”… I’ve just watched….well was sort of “forced” to watch (・д・`*)!!!。。what was one of the most frightening and yet hilarious but oh so scary movies ever!!!! It seems for centuries … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」“Um, so a bikini model walks into a bar full of zombies…

“Onechanbara” on DVD (domestic U.S. release) …..and the bartender says: “is it *cold* in here or are you just happy to see me?”…(^q^) ~Warning! spoiler alert!~ (you may want to avoid my babbling here if you intend on watching this … Continue reading

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「Featured post」”so close”….highly recommended viewing if you love your girl♥power extra spicy~!

“so close” on DVD s” Do you crave more girl♥power in your life? Or do you *secretly*….or maybe not so *secretly* ♥ watching very attractive actresses kick some serious butt on screen?!! Have you grown tired of watching girls bake … Continue reading

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“The Legend of the Shadowless Sword” (Highly recommended viewing)

……………just re-watched this last night and it's still highly recommended viewing~! "The Legend of the Shadowless Sword" (domestic U.S. release) Shadowless Sword (original poster artwork) I don't often recommend films here but the impact this film left on me was … Continue reading

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DeathSponge NotePants

わはははは♪           A friend just sent me this clip and OMG it’s so funny!! =D It really helps that I just recently watched the first “Death Note” movie which actually had the most disturbing ending as … Continue reading

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