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~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays, a Friday the 13th special edition (゜Д゜;)!! (Volume 63)

Happy Aloha~♥ Friday the 13th (゜Д゜;)!! In the past I’ve ‘celebrated’ this day by posting some possibly frightening/odd things here and on this Friday the 13th it’ll be no different as we take a trip into the way back time … Continue reading

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~and as I slept, Momusu will never be the same..Kamei, Junjun & Linlin set to graduate ( ┰_┰)

Kamei♥ …ruler of the best random laughter ever!… ^ ^ I awoke early this morning to read a PM sent by HarimaKenji and his heading immediately no matter how sleepy I still was…I needed to immediately click on the link … Continue reading

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Morning Musume。「10 MY ME」~♥!!

モーニング娘。♥ Momusu “10 MY ME” LE w/ DVD release~* While I totally missed out the photo card I’m so so happy~* with the DVD included with the LE! And has Momusu♥ ever sounded so polished?!! From songs such as Aichan … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~The Complete Morning Musume LOVEマシーン~

“Love Machine” (original 10 min. pv) I’ve been wanting to share~* this for sooooooooo long….! Ugh! macrovision :/! ~The Summer of ’99 remains fresh in my mind for it was the ascent of Momusu♥ to the pinnacle of idol♥fandom~*…the numbers … Continue reading

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S/mileage & Momusu Winter concert T~shirt sets… S/mileage T~shirt (back) ~It's my very first S/mileage T~shirt & photo set~♥…love this shade of purple also and Momusu's is in vibrant bright~* red♥ (*´∀`*)!It's Hello!Project's 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu tour merchandise~* ^ ^。 … Continue reading

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Momusu "zen single coupling collection" (lyrics booklet cover scan) Momusu "Zen single coupling collection" LE If one owns all of Momusu's singles and therefore their accompanying b-sides then perhaps this release is far more collectible than necessary to own….however even … Continue reading

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Kohachan♥ to graduate from H!P on December 6th ( ┰_┰).

Kohachan♥ Kohachan♥ This past Saturday night I was up a bit late and chatting* in IW's #wotachat room when I was told this most unexpected and devastating news….that Morning Musume's Kohachan was announced to be graduating from not only Momusu, … Continue reading

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No Anime Expo experience?…In case you’re unfortunate like me…..

….and wasn't able to attend this year's Anime Expo in L.A. where Momusu headlined as the guest of honor~! You still can catch some of the expo's experiences by hearing a complete recording of Morning Musume's Q&A panel which occurred … Continue reading

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“Platinum 9″ T-shirts, Phenylalanine & the *effects* of watching Arashi…(^q^)

高橋愛と新垣里沙Tシャツセット。 Aichan & Gakisan "Platinum 9" T-shirt sets (front & back) Sometimes little realizations come to mind at the most random of times….take for instance me watching an Arashi concert DVD and suddenly thinking to myself just a few *things*…….like … Continue reading

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Utaban…television so *good*, it’ll bring you to tears (´⌒`。)

Perhaps no show has been more supportive…nurturing…and yet so…..um eager to torture Momusu on a week to week basis as ♥Utaban♥ has over the years~. XD And where timing can be so key to one's success both Momusu and Utaban … Continue reading

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