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道重 さゆみ~♡ デジタフォトブック Vol.116

Can you say~~yummy off-shots?…as those H!P lenses never seem to rest :D! See what I did there?? Okay I know I’m a dork (。ーωー。)笑! Nevertheless, ~♡.

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道重さゆみ~♡ デジタフォトブック Vol.109

This gallery contains 168 photos.

Sayu earlier this year released her 9th solo photo book titled “Mille~Feuille” and like with all H!P visual collections  for some time now, we’re also just a few months later regularly treated to a digital photo book edition which is … Continue reading

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..any questions? Sayu’s first shashinshuu collection since taking the leadership role of Momusu, and also her now 9th solo photo book an impressive number especially when considering she also has collaborated photo book works alongside fellow Gen.6 girls Kamei & … Continue reading

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Now scanning….

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Today’s arrivals…

Nakki and Sa~yummy shashinshuu as well as the latest singles from SMAP and AKB48 arrived just today but Airin’s cute little ‘all about Airi’ book will be first to post here ^ ^。

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~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays~ (volume 18)

Idols♥ very much like beauty while timeless go through fashion trends and the like being a sign of the times and with each issue presented here each Friday I’ll be selecting a few articles to scan or sharing old clips … Continue reading

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~Sayu’s recent remarks create a backlash of anger from Matsujun fans…

Matsujun♥ Sayumin♥ Just heard this news from Zdorama and it's causing quite a stir with Arashi/Matsujun fans. It occurred last week on the June 17th episode of Arashi's popular~* "Mannequin Five" corner which airs as part of "Himitsu No Arashi … Continue reading

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~Sayumin♥ in 「La」~*

道重さゆみ♥ Michishige Sayumi "La" shashinshuu release~* w/DVD… It's once again cute~* Sunday and it seems that more and more these days idols♥ are flocking to Guam for their photo shoots and video releases~*. Sayu here now @ 20, and gosh~* … Continue reading

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Hello! Project digital photobook Vol.56…Cafe Momusu♥! (complete)

These volumes were much anticipated!! You'll notice their originality as the digital photobook releases have consistently been offshots from previously released shashinshuu by solo members~. A~h! I'm a bit preoccupied at the moment as I'm also watching a recording I … Continue reading

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Sayumin @ 20…..

Sayumin in "20sai 7 Gatsu 13 Nichi" Michishige Sayumi’s "20sai 7 Gatsu 13 Nichi" shashinshuu & "20’s time" image DVD Sayumin's 6th shashinshuu presents the scenic beauty of Okinawa coupling with arguably Momusu's most *cuddly* members~. There's just something so … Continue reading

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