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~「Colors of the Heart」 Kuninaka Ryoko, from Okinawa ~~>Tokyo…

I originally intended to include Kuninaka Ryoko’s “COLORS” shashinshuu in her “…from Okinawa with Love” post and there are actually a few photos included therein, however I always wanted to finish posting the remainder of this most beautifully shot photo … Continue reading

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~More ♥ from Okinawa…

Again it hits me while perusing some older magazines upon one of my bookshelves….and this time it’s none other than the most lovely and sweetest~♥ girl on the planet in Kuninaka Ryoko and this article dating back to 2000~ in … Continue reading

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「Featured post」Kuninaka Ryoko~♥…from Okinawa with love.

This post is dedicated in the loving memory of my Grandmother♥. I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time now…as my grandmother on my father’s side was pure Okinawan so this post holds a special meaning for me … Continue reading

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Natsukawa Rimi…sent to me from my brother whose now listening to Japanese music?! :O

Natsukawa Rimi Sometimes you gain interest in an artist from the most unlikely of sources…this one being from my brother! :O….and by that I mean, he has never and I mean never ever shown any interest in Japanese music whatsoever … Continue reading

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Up To Boy H!P covers cont.

Here are the April and May 2002 issues which featured Kei and Kaorin on the covers. Next 3 pics are of the Momusu article that was in the April issue. Below is an article about Mikitty's single debut. Another great … Continue reading

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A lovely girl from Okinawa.

Here is the incredibly sweet and cute Kuninaka Ryoko. I first saw her on a cover of Kokiku magazine as she was the lead in a morning drama ("Churasan") which was broadcast here in Hawaii on NGN. Unfortunately I didn't … Continue reading

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