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~Idol Games。。。(;゜□゜)!!!

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Happy Friday Late Night!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what happens when you should be asleep? Idol games. They come in all varieties and shapes. That in which a mischievous mind can conjure up has apparently no limits to said mischievousness. That being … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Fights!! 3!! Presents…Idols vs. Curry Ice (*>ω<)!

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Sure most everyone loves… However, how about…. No, make that shaved ice (;゜□゜)!!!! Yech (*>ω<)!!!!!、 the things idols will do for the love of their craft, so that’s not a typo (although I excel at those too =P) as this … Continue reading

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~Saturday Night Fights!! 2!! Presents Idol Beach Sumo

Idol Beach Sumo (Bali basho) Checklist~ Creepy Ariyoshi~lookalike imposter as host & referee =O Cute bikini attire Exotic locale Sumo ring Constant bantering Funny wrestler nicknames I’m not even sure what’s more amusing….the fact that the ‘imposter’ host/ referee is … Continue reading

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~Saturday night fights!!

Now we all “know” that wrestling is totally fake…okay just kidding it’s real! it’s real xD~! However in any case it’s the theater of the opposition’s banter and the low jabs which ensue leading all the way up to the … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~足よんの字固め。。。(;゜□゜)!!!

What if your life depended on finding your “brother” really quickly?? And just what in the world does that stick Yui~chan’s holding say? No she didn’t just pee on it to test for pregnancy. Although now that I think about … Continue reading

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