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My second favorite Koike Rina photo shoot and although no doubt Rina~chan’s growing up so quickly her playful charm here keeps us adorably from remembering any of that~~~ \(^ ^)/♥. And Rina~chan’s sort of like a cute and cuddly bunny … Continue reading

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~小池里奈 – 卒業~Side Story~

Name: Rina Koike Japanese: 小池里奈 Born: September 3, 1993 Birthplace: Oyama, Japan Height: 155cm. Blood Type: O Secret Weapon: Bedroom eyes From earlier this spring, perhaps the most sensual and best photo shoot of Koike Rina I think….? Just a … Continue reading

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Very cute photo shoot of Koike Rina celebrating graduation and the tea ceremony schoolgirl style~*… ~Koike Yui (week 1)~ ~Koike Yui (week 2)~ ~Koike Yui (week 3)~ ~Koike Yui (week 4)~

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~Weeklyプレイボーイ「前田敦子」July 2nd 2012

So today Acchan’s new single and this magazine arrived…currently watching the DVD but here’s the magazine first~. 休日ピクニックデート “Kyuujitsu picnic date” And just think very soon Acchan~♥ will be able to actually go on a real one =D! Love the … Continue reading

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~The other Koike, takin’ (it) off…

..sorry actually I meant just takin’ off! =P The oversized ‘I’m going to sleep’ shirt is cute as is her olive ‘curves in all the right places’ one piece bikini….however this Koike♥ I think always looks best in pink~.

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~The other Koike, a day in the life…

From Gravure The Television a bit of an older clip with Koike Rina taking you along for a magazine photo shoot =). A~h the life of an idol ^^♥。 ~Koike Rina~

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「Featured post」~小池 vs.小池

VS. I shamefully just couldn’t resist (although admittedly heavily biased xD…) just with the “Koike” connection and while they do share the same family name and are identical in height @ 156 cm (fun fact =D!), their similarities end there … Continue reading

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