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~Memoirs of an Idol

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川栄李奈 Think you know Ricchan? The following book will open, enlighten~* and change your entire perspective of an idol’s career …ended all too soon. Though that dreadful attack at a handshake event from May of 2014 may still linger very … Continue reading

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~The Paruru~♡ Strikes Back

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~Starring~ From epic to humorous to breezy to cryptic to a gigantic penis to heartfelt….Family48’s♥ latest single headlined by “Bokutachi wa tatakawanai” will take you into a whirlwind of visuals and emotions and as always with AKProductions you just know … Continue reading

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2015 Kawaei Rina Desktop Calendar (complete preview)

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(just in case I forget what day it is =D) (This part will resound redundant as I’m including it with each desktop calendar just in case someone misses the first entry =) ) So now that we’ve covered AKB48’s Official … Continue reading

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Deep thoughts w/ Riccheanu….

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….well in my defense I was just watching Devil’s Advocate for the umpteenth time and I’m still waiting for Keanu Reeves’ character Kevin to utter the words…. “so like dude, you’re like the devil?…” =P Still waiting. But if you … Continue reading

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“How” to sell manga.

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Find someone (Nino if possible…) to draw lots and lots of manga for you around the clock. Have a theme, intriguing characters and a full array of storyline genres. And “most importantly”, if your manga publication just happens to be … Continue reading

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Okay I just got done scanning the latest issue of UTB and it may be true that no idol booty, has ever boo~tied quite as booty~liciously as Rikacchi’s booty has boo~tied to date =D! And yet, the highlight of the … Continue reading

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Weekly Playboy no.3-4 January 27th, 2014 features Covergirls~♡ Yuko & Ricchan in dreamy blue, Seyama Mariko shedding her announcer mic for mizugi & a case by case document of a girl’s cup runneth over.

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G….H…..I cups??? Are you serious =O??, Geez rub it in don’t they?! Okay eyes up!! and then again boobs don’t make the girl right?? Hey eyes up xD!! And someone get that girl a much more size appropriate bra….never understood … Continue reading

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~When Paruru Met Ricchan

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So in my little world I’m seeing Ricchan♡ as a possible heir apparent to the AKB48 throne all the while I’m also sensing Paruru♡ as being on a collision course of sorts to that exact same spot one day……so anyway … Continue reading

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Kawaei Rina 2014 Desktop Calendar

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AKB48 2014 Calendar Order This year’s AKB48 desktop calendars have lost a bit of their glamour (but are still awesome) as last year’s format resembled very much a standing photo frame where the calendar cards would slide into for easy … Continue reading

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Kawaei Rina 2014 Wall Calendar (complete preview)

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AKB48 2014 Calendar Order AKB48’s 2014 wall calendars sport the theme of ‘amusement park’ which are comprised of festive backgrounds to match each girl’s beautiful wardrobes from month to month. These wall calendars are of the ‘standard’ poster size each … Continue reading

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