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河西 智美「今さらさら」

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I was a torn between choosing Kasai’s type B or A singles for “ima sara sara” and ended up going with the A type version as it included her exclusive mv making of footage and for a mv~junkie like myself … Continue reading

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For Kasai fans the wait for her debut solo shashinshuu has been long and even a bit bumpy as you’re all probably aware of the grossly misguided first attempt at its release which included imagery of which had literally stepped … Continue reading

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Kasai Tomomi just released her now 3rd solo single in mid January and this one’s a bit more anticipated I imagine than her previous two as this single release marks her very first post AKB48 with many questions as to … Continue reading

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河西 智美「Mine」

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垂れ目がチャームポイントのとも~みちゃんこと河西智美です。 Graduated too soon. I know it’s selfish to say, but when a favorite whose even been top 16 (Senbatsu) since the general elections began decides to leave and at just 21 it just feels so premature and yes there’s … Continue reading

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~Kasai Tomomi 「まさか」

It’s always interesting to witness an idol’s unique aura as they develop and grow into their own, honing what ultimately will become their most powerful attribute, charm~*. Seeing Kasai in her early career I think it’d been hard pressed to … Continue reading

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Kasai Tomomi 2013 B2 size calendar (complete preview)

Still shopping for a 2013 calendar? Here’s a complete preview of Kasai’s 2013 B2 size calendar. As is standard with Japanese poster style calendars, each page adorns two months which appear with minimal ‘affect’ on the images making them very … Continue reading

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~Kasai + AV = Rio?

I’ve just seen Kasai’s~♥ debut solo single up for pre~order (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥! She so so deserves a solo career and there really isn’t a sweeter idol♥ anywhere so this is wonderful!!! I still had hoped for a second release from … Continue reading

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~Young Jump features senbatsu girl Yukorin♥ and lots and lots of AKB っo(*´∀`)o!~

First though is this awesome~↑↑↑ * alternate single jacket that Young Jump has included with their 9.2.2010 issue for “Heavy Rotation” and like the original single jackets, it’s also printed on thick and glossy paper~. Acchan and Tomochin surely have … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~Queen & Elizabeth「Love♥Wars」~ is…

Queen & Elizabeth first press Type A “Love♥Wars” single w/ poster & photo card …cute* sexy* sultry* rambunctious* cool~*!!! Just a hint of how taken I am currently with this new single from the house of AKB love♥!!! While both … Continue reading

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