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ラ♪♪~ ラ♪♪~ ラ♪♪~……..まだまだ下手ですね~。(*´艸`)

Minnasan gomen ne~…I haven't been online for the past few days and lol now the unwritten posts in my head are beginning to pile up!…(u_u*) Guardians 4, new singles by BK..Zard..SPEED..Fukuyama Masaharu..a new Ito Yuna album and my *new* girl … Continue reading

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For Konomi…

Super Monkeys 4 "Aishite Masukatto" scan0033.jpg …here are the karaoke tracks that you requested the other day. This single's out of print so I'm thinking that this should be okay. Both of these songs are great and I especially love … Continue reading

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スーパーモンキーズ 恋のキュートビート/ ミスターU.S.A.

Recently Denadel had asked if I could upload the karaoke versions of "Koi no cute beat" and "Mr.U.S.A.", two songs that I didn't include in my recent Amuro Namie post. This single is out of print and both tracks are … Continue reading

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