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"Eizo The Morning Musume 4~single M clips~" DVD I finally got to see the original version of their new PV. Their 4th single clips DVD collection which I received today has 2 versions the second being a close-up ver. What's … Continue reading

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A few releases arrived today.

Cd Japan order. This order was a bit delayed but arrived today. This order contains the first pressing of Kohachan's new single "Happy", her PV DVD single for "Happy", Melon Kinenbi's single V clips Volume 3 DVD, Momusu's "Eizo The … Continue reading

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うたばん 5/3/07-嵐とモーニング娘。

I first saw screen caps of this Utaban episode on Greyhaven's Vox blog (lynix.vox.com). I wasn't aware of the ongoing humorous relationship between Ohno and Nakai until Greyhaven told me about it. Luckily I got this episode today from Saburo … Continue reading

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Momusu’s “Kanashimi Twilight” (another version) PV.

The bonus DVD that came with the limited edition type A cd contains an alternate version of the PV for "Kanashimi Twilight." Since the regular versions of the PV won't be released until May 2nd when Momusu's new PV collection … Continue reading

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Momusu’s new single “Kanashimi Twilight.”

3 editions of "Kanashimi Twilight" The 3 editions of their new single arrived today with some other releases. The more I listen to the song the more I like it! It really has a great rockin' drive to it. The … Continue reading

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New Berryz Koubou concert dvd to be released on June 27th.

Berryz Koubou "2007 Sakurai Mankai Berryz Koubou Live- Kono Kando Wa Nidoto nai Shunkande Aru!" catalog number: PKBP-5075 is now available for preorder! At last a concert performance of "VERY BEAUTY." Did anyone notice that right now Momusu is atop … Continue reading

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