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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!! And now a very special Valentine’s message from Jonny =D…. Hope your Valentine’s been wonderful too!!

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…3 bedrooms, 2 rooftop views, one bamboo deluxe room, but no baths! =)

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~Merry Christmas~♥!

~Merry Christmas~♥!!! Luv Yuko, Jonny & mb. Mmm…Yuko would just not wear the Santa hat =P!

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got fish?

Jonny just loves his new fishy~toy….of course filled with catnip♥ :)!

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Hobbies: Bird watching. Lizard Watching. Cleaning….when Jonny was little he used to take our Swiffer duster and drag it all around the house :). Sleeping. Waking us up. And smelling anything and everything, such as my camera whenever I try … Continue reading

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~Toy tantrum!!!

Yesterday afternoon ‘somebody’ was having quite the moment as he was busy throwing all of his toys onto the ground. Hmm…I wonder who the guilty party is?….funny I didn’t know Jonny♥ was so strong =O!~! So funny his expression here … Continue reading

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~Best friends

That is until Jonny awakens and begins gnawing at her…hope your Sunday’s been as peaceful as theirs~♥.

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Another lazy Sunday (´-ω-`)、…and after another nocturnal~late night/early morning spent running wildly around the house Jonny♥ resembles very much a mongoose when he lies like this during the late morning till early afternoon ↑↑↑。I think he pulled a double~shift last … Continue reading

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I find that seeing one of our cats in a sleepy state magically makes me feel a bit sleepy as well and it doesn’t matter the time of day it seems….and just how many hours of sleep do cats like … Continue reading

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~Has your pussy ever done this?

Pussy is an English word meaning: cat え~へ (。ーωー。)♪ Who knew that cats drank from straws?? And they most likely also lick our toothbrushes while we’re not home (・o・)。He’s soooo cute~♥!!!

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