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Another lazy Sunday (´-ω-`)、…and after another nocturnal~late night/early morning spent running wildly around the house Jonny♥ resembles very much a mongoose when he lies like this during the late morning till early afternoon ↑↑↑。I think he pulled a double~shift last … Continue reading

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~Has your pussy ever done this?

Pussy is an English word meaning: cat え~へ (。ーωー。)♪ Who knew that cats drank from straws?? And they most likely also lick our toothbrushes while we’re not home (・o・)。He’s soooo cute~♥!!!

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~Dear Jonny♥

Last Christmas one of our dear cats past away of old age and we’d had him for about 16 years+ till then so needless to say it’s been a most sad and difficult time since then. He had grown up … Continue reading

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