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ザ モーニング卵 November 17th, 2014

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This 10-year-old King Penguin was rescued from a fisherman’s line and refused to leave after he was healed. He was adopted by a family in a small town in Japan and became a beloved pet who has his own personal … Continue reading

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ザ モーニング卵 August 12th, 2014

Each year in the rural areas of Kagawa and Niigata Prefectures of Japan after the rice harvest are piles of straw. One day someone came up with the idea of using the same techniques traditionally used to build straw roofs, … Continue reading

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~A few SCarecrows for your Friday the 13th (゜Д゜;)!!

Wouldn’t you know it, Japanese scarecrows aren’t scary……but rather ohhhhhh so~so cute o(*´∀`)o゛!!

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~One year ago today

A year has passed and yet the effects of the devastating earthquake and tsunami are still being felt most profoundly today~. It’s everlasting effect which changed countless lives and an entire country on that fateful morning lingers on with a … Continue reading

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~A view of Japan after the tsunami

CNN releases NHK footage with an overview of the tsunami’s aftermath on Saturday It’s now just past 11 am Saturday in Japan as I begin to type this and with the light of day there you can see so much … Continue reading

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~Waking up to a tsunami warning in Hawaii

The civil defense sirens have been going off since late last night at about 11 pm so I can’t imagine anyone here getting much sleep if any and for most of us I think we’ve been either busy evacuating to … Continue reading

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Back from Hokkaido!…

…well not me but mom had a great time there! Just a little post about my mom's recent trip to Hokkaido and as I haven't got all of the details just yet, here are just a few photos and thoughts. … Continue reading

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I wish I were there!!

Hello! Project shopping live from Japan! To be able to shop in Japan for Hello! Project merchandise must be both wonderful and treacherous to the bank account! Paul Thomas is enjoying a wonderful trip to Japan and along with his … Continue reading

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