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Weekly Playboy no.47 November 25th, 2013 features covergirl Natsuna, gorgeous Takimoto Aina whom reminds me of someone, not the Ito Yuna I was anticipating & more revealing photography from Adachi Yumi…

This gallery contains 116 photos.

(This post contains visuals and text which are of a mature nature so if you’re under the age of 18 or that sort of thing bothers you, please refrain from viewing this post. Thank you. =) ) …and speaking of … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~Ito Yuna「 LOVE~♥」five years in the making…

Last December local girl Ito Yuna commemorated her musical career thus far with a pair of beautifully produced best~of single albums and both LE’s cover art celebrated the Christmas season in symbolic red and angelic white. For the most part … Continue reading

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~Ito Yuna returns with!!! 「守ってあげたい」

Receiving a package today in the mail I was so excited to see that Ito Yuna has finally returned with a new single release and gosh* it’s been like a year and a week since she last released “Let it … Continue reading

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~Ito Yuna “Let it Go”…

Ito Yuna in "Let it Go"…♥ …Yunachan~ always so *gorgeous*! (*´∀`*) The styling of "Let it Go"~…美しい。。 Ito Yuna Ito Yuna "Let it Go" first press release~… From sweeping♥ballads…to powerful dance tracks~, Ito Yuna has so much variety in her … Continue reading

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~Ito Yuna on DokoGa TV…still a local♥girl at heart~

Ito Yuna Ito Yuna on Dokoga TV… Just last night I was watching the local news when suddenly a preview popped up for a local show which spotlights Japanese entertainment and culture~….and for anyone else living here in Hawaii you’re … Continue reading

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Ito Yuna’s “trust you” promotes “Gundam 00″ season two.

Ito Yuna Ito Yuna "trust you" (first press single) Ito Yuna returns to her smooth pop roots following her R&B powerhouse track "Koi wa groovy X 2" and for me personally I do prefer her more straightforward" pop sound to … Continue reading

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Ito Yuna’s “Koi wa groovy x 2″‘s glittery surprise & how to avoid the pitfalls of Engrish. =)

Ito Yuna "Koi wa groovy x 2" single Ito yuna's "Koi wa groovy x 2" single can be ordered here at Cdjapan. I didn't notice it at first but Ito Yuna's cover sparkles in somewhat Christmas colors when held to … Continue reading

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Ito Yuna’s “Miss you”…J-Pop just doesn’t get any prettier than this!

Ito Yuna "Miss you" CD single Order Ito Yuna's "Miss you" CD single here. 01 miss you(伊藤園ビタミンフルーツTVCMソング|ケータイ Ito Yuna Ito Yuna "Miss you" CD single (jacket scan) Ito Yuna continues her sweet string of J-Pop joy with her latest release "Miss … Continue reading

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The J-Pop releases are piling up…..

The J-Pop is piling up… It's sad but yes none of these are even out of their cellophane wrapping yet…just been so busy lately that I haven't had the time to even listen to or watch one. And it's piling … Continue reading

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伊藤由奈xセリーヌ ディオン “あなたがいる限り~A World to Believe In~”

Collaboration releases: Abe Natsumi & Yajima Maimi/ Celine Dion & Yuna Ito single releases I was really surprised when I visited the mailbox late this afternoon and found that this Cdjapan order had already arrived! Both of these singles are … Continue reading

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