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~Dinner, show and a star~☆

What could be better?…I usually only get popcorn and water =P! So cute too Yuko complimenting Satomi~chan’s complexion….why Yuko you’re perfect too~♥! At the moment if you’re curious I’m waist deep in mano~oh~mano~ ………(゜∀゜)………。♥ And what’s with the weather these … Continue reading

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Manobaby♥..cow~cosplay (・o・) as Bomb magazine celebrates their 30th anniversary~!

o(*´∀`)o゛。。。it's actually been quite awhile since I last collected an issue of Bomb magazine…here now celebrating their 30th anniversary~ with their October 2009 issue \(^o^)/☆! I wasn't aware that Bomb had been in publication for so long~!! and surely with … Continue reading

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Kindai May 2009

C-ute in Kindai…wish you were here Kannachan~….. Kindai May 2009 At 560 yen Kindai's monthly publication stands as one of the most affordable…..(lol I say affordable as I usually end up paying anywhere from $21-$25 for a single issue after … Continue reading

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