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~Idol ♥~

アイドル~愛 ~Something that's been on my mind a lot is how others view and see collections in a gender sense~. I'm was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on girl fans of idols♥ and girl groups/artists..but more so on idols♥as … Continue reading

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Things that make you go hmm…..when too much ESPN & idols collide. :P

It's late, I have the flu, my head hurts and yet some recent events got me thinking about a few things……not always a good thing as sometimes I really shouldn't think too much or so it seems or perhaps I've … Continue reading

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チェキッ娘。。。Sweet J-Pop never goes out of style!!

A trend for all time…success breeds copies or emulations perhaps a better way to put it and it lives in just about anything one can think of…Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, Redline, Amp, "house" brands and the list is ever … Continue reading

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岡本玲 vs 白鳥百合子。

Okamoto Rei Okamoto Rei Okamoto Rei Okamoto Rei Okamoto Rei As you can see these 2 idols are very different. It's adorable vs. sexy! Reichan's personality is sweet in a shy and almost nervous state while Yuriko has an aura … Continue reading

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