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C-ute’s 「Campus Life…」, touched by a Byrd♥!

C-ute♥ “Campus Life~umarete kite yokatta~” C-ute “Campus Life~umarete kite yokatta~” LE types A & B w/ DVDs… So sweet♥! sweet♥!! sweet♥!!!! love love love “Campus Life~umarete kite yokatta~” so much o(*´∀`)o゛!!!!Hear that magical touch of The Byrds?…a McGuinn~ny~ness to the … Continue reading

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~Idol♥bedrooms Hello!Project style~..the mystical, shared & which Hello!Girl snuggles with Stitch?

Bedroom…♥ Lilo & Stich♥ Whether you’re inspired~* to sleep in an otaku wonderland or making it all pink♥ all the time and as girlie~girl as possible o(*´∀`)o゛、。。。many like myself would be so curious to see the bedroom set~up of an … Continue reading

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~ファッション♥Battleー(* ̄O ̄)ノ~tastes & tips from H!P faves!

Shopping on a budget?.. …and still want to look sexy*~cute~awesome♥?! Well, a foursome of fashion~savvy Hello!Girls are about to share points~* and tastes♥! And it’s wonderful that the girls themselves chose their own wardrobes for this challenge so you’re really … Continue reading

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ハロプロ♥きら~*きら~~*リリース^ ^!

ハロプロ♥きら~*きら~~*リリース 凄く楽しみですね~*! Send to a friend

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Morning Musume。「10 MY ME」~♥!!

モーニング娘。♥ Momusu “10 MY ME” LE w/ DVD release~* While I totally missed out the photo card I’m so so happy~* with the DVD included with the LE! And has Momusu♥ ever sounded so polished?!! From songs such as Aichan … Continue reading

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~When idols karaoke, and let this put to rest the AKB vs. H!P sentiment (*>ω<)。。。

….it’s the beauty~* and power of blogs shining so much ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!! With idol♥ blogs there’s so much insight of daily life to be shared with fans alike~*! Here! AKB48’s mini unit “no3b” (“No Sleeves” comprised of members Minegishi Minami, Takahashi … Continue reading

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Charmy charmy charmy…graduation goods?!

Ishikawa Rika graduation goods W~ah!! this ended up selling on auctions for 5805 ¥!!!。。not too long ago. It's the cutest~* Charmy graduation good that I've ever seen!!!..well actually I wasn't even aware of any Charmy graduation goods…(^q^)! But it's so … Continue reading

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~2010 Hello!Blog polls~*!

2010 Hello!Blog H!P member poll~*! It's time for Ptom's annual Hello! Project polls~* \(^o^)/☆。。。and Paul always amazes with brand new graphics and a fun & easy to navigate layout! This year's polls include both a separate member ranking as well … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~The Complete Morning Musume LOVEマシーン~

“Love Machine” (original 10 min. pv) I’ve been wanting to share~* this for sooooooooo long….! Ugh! macrovision :/! ~The Summer of ’99 remains fresh in my mind for it was the ascent of Momusu♥ to the pinnacle of idol♥fandom~*…the numbers … Continue reading

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~S/Mileage♥’s final indies single release~* 「オトナになるって難しい!!!」

S/mileage "Otona ni narutte muzukashii!!!" single (cover scan) S/mileage "Otona ni narutte muzukashii" indies CD single release… S/mileage's final release as an indies group~* was released just five days ago and after one initial listen(*´∀`*)♪~♪。。I couldn't resist searching for an … Continue reading

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