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~Tackey @ 29

Wonderfully shot book which visually documents Tackey’s visit to both Cambodia and Hawaii~♥! Much of this book has a real candid feeling to the style of photography but really the instant I saw that this volume includes his travel here … Continue reading

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..Fukakyon♥ (adult mizugi) (rarity) Because… (Hawaii) Idol♥ beauty x Scenic beauty♥~!! I just finished scanning earlier this morning with the help of a small bowl of Captain Crunch (hold the milk =/ though!) and I always love it when idols♥ … Continue reading

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~Dinner, show and a star~☆

What could be better?…I usually only get popcorn and water =P! So cute too Yuko complimenting Satomi~chan’s complexion….why Yuko you’re perfect too~♥! At the moment if you’re curious I’m waist deep in mano~oh~mano~ ………(゜∀゜)………。♥ And what’s with the weather these … Continue reading

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~May Day…

..is lei day in Hawaii♥. Just gotta string them together now =). Aloha♥ from Hawaii!

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~Hope for Japan♥

Over the past month a five part series was aired here in Hawaii sharing Hawaii’s unique ties to Japan, its culture and people and the long road to recovery following the devastating earthquake and tsunami. I did miss part 4 … Continue reading

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~Hawaii reacts to the tsunami’s continuing impact felt here while our aloha~ spirit♥ shows a way to help send aid to Japan

Hello, just a couple of local news broadcasts to share today from our early evening news as the effects of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan continue to affect so many and even across the ocean here in Hawaii. … Continue reading

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~Waking up to a tsunami warning in Hawaii

The civil defense sirens have been going off since late last night at about 11 pm so I can’t imagine anyone here getting much sleep if any and for most of us I think we’ve been either busy evacuating to … Continue reading

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Sunny days are finally back! =)

I really know that I should be the last person complaining about weather but with winter even Hawaii is subject to gray and cloudier skies and a notable lack of sunshine as has been the case for much of the … Continue reading

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From Korea to Hawaii…Morning Musume to arrive on Oahu this week.

H!P's next fan club event here in the islands is set to begin on the 2nd of September with Momusu arriving here on a flight from Korea according to inside airline information. While the concert event is out of the … Continue reading

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安倍なつみ最新写真集。。。”End of Summer”

Scan0085 Abe Natsumi complete pb collection Nacchi's 9th shashinshuu was released on August 27th and it just arrived today via Fedex…the delivery guy must think I'm nuts I just saw him 2 days ago. :POh and what a beautiful shashinshuu … Continue reading

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