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~Why I so won’t be eating any pumpkin pie this year~!!!! (ノロ≦。)!!!

Okay, …this actually is a bit early as Thanksgiving isn't quite here yet~ (人∀`*)。 It's just that…. ..when something is this disturbing and the public's safety depends on it~…. …….*sharing* early is better than later ne~! っo(*´∀`)o! Hmm…well truth be … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Big Bird Thanksgiving Hmm…it looks like about that time to take out our…um…..yearly decorations and I just can't resist this picture come this time of year. 😛 And each year some "new" observations surface in my mind….such as: Would Ernie … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Sesame Street edition)

Big Bird Thanksgiving The holiday season is nearly upon us and with Thanksgiving being celebrated tomorrow it's time to take out those annual decorations including this one. You have to love their facial expressions! :O Especially the Count! He looks … Continue reading

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