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~There’s Something About Fukuchan♥ (part 3)

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~HOt Summer Reads 2014~ (Okay, there aren’t actually a whole lotta words to be found within =P) However it does ‘say’ a lot when you open your shashinshuu sophomore effort with…. ~The Inevitable Butt Shot~ (yes it’s actually the very … Continue reading

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Now scanning…

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…really literally @ this moment 😀 .

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ふくちゃん~♡+沖縄 =最新写真集!!~!

Set for a June 25th release date!!…Fukuchan♡’s 2nd solo shashinshuu which was shot in beautiful Okinawa is sure to be a must have for fans!! Titled “Utakata”, and being a Wani Books release means we’ll be also treated to an … Continue reading

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~Nakki x Fukuchan x flipping the bird =O

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Ah the art of the obscene gesture…(^q^)! Whether you say ‘up yours’, ‘f U’ or simply gesture by giving the one finger salute or do it by flipping one the bird so to speak it’s a pretty universal and vulgar … Continue reading

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~There’s something about Fukuchan♥ (part 2)

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Huh…who knew? But it’s definitely something rather along the lines of being lost in translation for Fukuchan♥ when she suddenly unknowingly flashes you the arm style bird*…(^q^)! Well this arm gesture probably says ‘I ♥ U’ in some part of … Continue reading

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~Now scanning…

…and Fukuchan’s♥ first photo book is simply gorgeous!

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It’s about fuku#%@♥ time =)!

I’ve been hoping that Fukuchan♥ would get a solo pb release for a long time and really ever since my first Fukuchan goods arrived~! So today it’s most joyous news, May 15th! Mark that day on your calendar if you … Continue reading

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~UTB+ Vol. 11 January 2013 (use only as directed)

~本村碧唯~ Side effect warning: (If you stare ‘too long’ into Aoi’s eyes you may fall into hypnotic~idol bliss♥) HTK48’s Aoi gets things started here and you so know you’re under good hands when Sasshi’s your acting mentor but first take … Continue reading

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~There’s something about Fukuchan♥

Used to be that “U” idols were a subculture, perhaps a product of girls wanting to be idols too soon or her parents lacking better judgment? I sometimes wondered if an entity like the WTA would one day step in … Continue reading

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~Reinventing Morning Musume

Within just the past few weeks you can feel and sense the wheels turning within Tsunku’s mind. I’ve gone through an array of emotions through it all and while in no way is this pondering below all inclusive it seems … Continue reading

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