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~Final Fantasy♥ trumps

To commemorate 25 years (can you believe it’s been that long??..i only began playing since VII =O) of role playing fun a special playing card set is set to be released on April 30th in honor of the longstanding series … Continue reading

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~Eyes on me~♥

Final Fantasy VIII♥ Faye Wong- "Eyes on me" (Nihon Record taishou) video clip~ While searching through some old tapes yes VHS ugh (_´Д`)ノ~~。。。I'd forgotten that I had this performance by Faye Wong from the Japan music awards program~* from years … Continue reading

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菅原紗由理 「FFXIII♥のテーマソング」

Final Fantasy XIII Sugawara Sayuri "Kimi ga iru kara" (first press)… Much like how the sweeping epics~ of the beloved Final Fantasy series have grown, so have their musical♪ counterparts…ranging in a variety of emotions~* complementing this series so perfectly..all … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~Favorite Final Fantasy themes…

My Final Fantasy audio collection I have to start with Final Fantasy VIII. It’s has by far my favorite FF theme song with “Eyes on Me.” Not necessarily the best of the series game wise but I sure really did … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Vol.1 no.0 Cloud Strife & hardy-Daytona

001-9.jpg Cloud Strife and his hardy Daytona finally arrived!…and as any collector knows the second you remove any collectible from its original packaging its resale value takes a really big hit so of course I kept him and his bike … Continue reading

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10 years later Final Fantasy VII still making its legacy felt.

Final Fantasy VII On its 10th anniversary Final Fantasy VII continues to remind us why it's one of the all time greatest rpg's ever made. While many advances have come in the gaming world including much improved graphics, gameplay, and … Continue reading

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The figures are growing.

Check out this Sephiroth figure! It's 1/4 scale! :O It can be preordered for only 47,000 yen or about $384.00. Heheh that's crazy. I'm waiting for the life size Sephiroth to be released. It might cost only $5000.00. If you … Continue reading

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1/6 Scale Yuna figures from FFX & FFX-2. The Final Fantasy series on the Playstation systems is one of my favorite games. I also like to collect the figures from each series. Unlike a true collector I like to take … Continue reading

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