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~Naughty doll

I’m not sure what’s naughtier, the fact that this lolita figure exists or that its ribbon encourages you to tie her up how you’d like to (・o・)。 Figure description: “Sonico-chan is back again in a more colorful Lolita ver.! Super … Continue reading

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Haruhi & Mikuru

Suzumiya Haruhi & *friends* When it comes to collecting figures I can become sort of obsessed at times when either a game or anime series really *moves* me and while the standard figures are nice what I really ♥ are … Continue reading

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A~h!! kita!!!

Asahina Mikuru in goth…soon to be opened… I'm sort of like every collectors nightmare (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ as I open up every figure that I've ever purchased!…(^q^) Long ago I used to keep my FFVII figures carefully preserved in their original packaging..careful … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Vol.1 no.0 Cloud Strife & hardy-Daytona

001-9.jpg Cloud Strife and his hardy Daytona finally arrived!…and as any collector knows the second you remove any collectible from its original packaging its resale value takes a really big hit so of course I kept him and his bike … Continue reading

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10 years later Final Fantasy VII still making its legacy felt.

Final Fantasy VII On its 10th anniversary Final Fantasy VII continues to remind us why it's one of the all time greatest rpg's ever made. While many advances have come in the gaming world including much improved graphics, gameplay, and … Continue reading

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モーニング娘。キャラクターマスコット なかよしバージョン。

Morning Musume character mascot figures. These Momusu mascot figures arrived a few days ago from Ohta's eBay store where you can find a lot of great H!P items including some really rare items. I love collecting figures and I thought … Continue reading

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Sephiroth, Aeris, & Tifa.

Sephiroth, Aerith, & Tifa figures. I found Sephiroth in a local game store but had to go on eBay to find the other 2. They had the Cloud figure on his bike at the store as well but his sword … Continue reading

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Out of the box and on the loose.

Final Fantasy and friends. Final Fantasy and friends. After taking them out of their boxes and throwing away the boxes here's where most of my figures are displayed on top of these shelves. FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, Tenchi Muyo!, Sanrio, … Continue reading

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Mini Momusu

Morning Musume mini figures I got these figures from CdJapan. It's the 13nin lineup, quite awhile ago. From left to right: Gakisan, Nono, Aichan, Aibon, Gocchin (in white hood hiding behind Nacchi), Nacchi, Kaorin, Rikachan, Marippe (actual size, just kidding … Continue reading

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