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~Today’s arrivals….

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..and after a bit of order bundling: C-ute’s new triple A-side single, the latest issue of Nihon de Katsuyakusuru Asia Saishu Shojo featuring Manoeri♥ as covergirl, HKT48’s new single, a must-have Weekly Playboy because Sakuratan is the covergirl, a Momokawa … Continue reading

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ザ モーニング卵 August 20th, 2014

Hello, And here’s today’s bundle of joy…. aka: one tiny shopping strategy meant for saving on shipping =): Music releases arriving today include C-ute’s latest single “THE POWER”/ “Kanashiki Heaven” types A & B and Tomochin’s full length album “SxWxAxG” … Continue reading

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ザ モーニング卵 August 7th, 2014

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Good Morning!~….. you know, because it’s always morning somewhere isn’t it =). Updates on the coming hurricane has it reaching Oahu sometime around Friday @ 6 am. Bottled water shortages continue to be an issue as stores island wide aren’t … Continue reading

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Today’s arrivals….

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..are all about the joys of bundling or rather the necessity of it in order to help curb high shipping costs~. So where to begin? Well I’m already deep into Tackey & Tsubasa’s latest double A~sided release and next may … Continue reading

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Today’s arrivals…

…a few future postings for the New Year =).

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Today’s arrivals…

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Manoeri’s new pb, the latest UTB+ featuring Ricchan whom seems to grow in adorability by the day, latest Weekly Playboy featuring Acchan, the new single by Not Yet and at long last Hirosue Ryoko  has a definitive DVD collection!!!

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~What to post next???…

Tackey & Tsubasa, BK, C~ute, SCANDAL, ZARD, MM。、S/mileage, Dream~Momusu, Takahashi Ai….albums~>concerts~>image movie~>clips~>singles…..sometimes too many releases arrive all at once and I wonder which to post next??? Oh and “SCANDAL’s Temptation Box Tour…” DVD is waaaaaaaay too awesome not to gush~* … Continue reading

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~Today’s arrivals….

Tomochin~♥ reaching the sales realms of the likes of Hikki as a soloist??….you bet! And there are first press photos included with each edition you purchase….sooooo soooooo beautiful!!!! I’ll scan them with an upcoming post plus there are posters too … Continue reading

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~Today’s arrivals….

Very bitter~sweet today as what may be Kamei’s last shashinshuu arrived (´⌒`。)。。。 ..interestingly it’s a soft cover Wani Books release as it’s much more typical for H!P and Wani Books to release hard cover photo books and yet this helps … Continue reading

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~Mood: happy (*≧∀≦)ノ !

Cdjapan order うれしー!!。。have you seen the design and size of Arashi's new album "Boku no miteiru fukei??"…not only is it a 2 disc set!! but there's also included a 60 page booklet!!! and when they say "premium package" they're not … Continue reading

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