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Your chance to hang with a life sized Airiin right in your bedroom!~!….

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..and actually that would life-sized C-ute members all around as there’s also indeed these amazing looking wall tapestries for all of the girls: Maimichan, Nakki, Chiisa and Maimai included!! Okay so you’ve only got until September 11th, 2016 to pre-order … Continue reading

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°C-ute Presents: 「Simply the BEST Multiple A-Side Single Release of the Idol Group Genre this Side of Memory。」

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YES. Simply the BEST multiple A-side single release of the idol group genre. Set production, wardrobes, depth of musical genre, complexity of choreography, song writing, intricate vocal arrangements & of course lyrics and melodies which move the mind and soul~. … Continue reading

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℃-ute …a long time ago in a queue not so far away….

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(Limited Edition types A & B CD ↑↑↑ inner jacket scans) ..So just as C-ute’s new triple A-sided single “Naze Hito wa Arasoundaro? / Summer Wind / Jinsei wa Step!” has arrived in the mail TODAY (really cool when an … Continue reading

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℃-ute~♡「 THE FUTURE DEPARTURE 9→10 周年記念 コンサートツアー2015春」

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C-ute’s anniversary concert which was held on June 11, 2015 @ Yokohama Arena arrived on beautiful Blu-ray & DVD this past September the 9th and to put it lightly ….this 29 song event is soooooo worth every cent it’s asking … Continue reading

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C-ute Calendar 2016~♡!~!

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YES!! it’s already that time of year albeit C-ute’s 2016 calendar did have a bit of an earlier release date than most other group/idol calendars which are set to release later this month into the days of November and even … Continue reading

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One Sakura♡ to rule them all. (Episode V)

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~Hot Summer Reads 2015~ (This post is proudly sponsored by) Firstly thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments and I will be catching up with them soon! It’s just that my scanner, brain and weirdness were in perfect synch! … Continue reading

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℃-ute 「The 27th one, confessions, how Airiin~♡ turns me on & how it’s all about Pulp Fiction」

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While C-ute’s lone single of 2015 has long been in replay-mode in my i-Pod for nearly three months now I still feel the need to gush a “bit” over it ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!! やっほぃ♪、...and I’ll begin by saying something I’ve long been … Continue reading

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~Alo-Hello! ℃-ute in Hawaii 写真集~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡ Idols in Paradise~

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~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡ ~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡ So who’s your favorite♥ ℃utie in ℃ute? C-ute’s♥ prettiest group shashinshuu to date!….of course I’m Hawaii-biased though =P! And while the Alo-Hello! series dates way back to the early incarnations of Momusu I must say that C-ute’s Hawaii … Continue reading

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C-ute in YSWeb 「終わらない夏」

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Although it’s a summer themed feature, YSWeb released C-ute’s “Owaranai Natsu” photo collection all through the month of December into early this January as they were released in volumes completing a most candid and colorful digital set! And speaking of … Continue reading

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I realize I’ve missed the previous issue and actually have scanned it already but just missed on posting (will post soon though) but I really wanted to get this issue up all the while the next one’s already on the … Continue reading

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