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~So whose boob is it anyway (・c_・;)?

And here fathered after the ‘very inspirations’ of the popular t.v. show of the like name, here are the  answers to last week’s boob match pop quiz which appeared in: Breasts, saving men’s lives worldwide…one stare at a time?? =D =D: … Continue reading

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Breasts, saving men’s lives worldwide…one stare at a time?? =D

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Throughout history there have been countless studies which may have you scratching your head wondering….um why? Still even as ridiculous as what you’re about to hear sounds why not play along and at the very least have a good laugh … Continue reading

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~Life’s mysteries solved one at a time presents: How Boobs Got Their Name (。ーωー。)♪。

Boob(s). It’s completely synonymous with technical speech and yet have you ever stepped back and taken your eyes off of them long enough or even for just a few seconds during your day to stop and ponder just where did … Continue reading

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~Did you know?

“Part of the fascination with breasts seems to be milk for the young, but part of it is the fact that they are hidden. Everybody wants the cookies that mom puts in the cookie jar, out of reach.” That being … Continue reading

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