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~Takamina♥ + aroma candles + shopping bag = Takamina♥ – Blossom x Cute ∞~♥

Candles as art are pretty but really?…Aroma candles in a department store~~> lights shopping bag she’s carrying?~~> catches Takamina’s hair on fire?! What the (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ??! It all sounds a bit freakish like something out of one of those Final Destination … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」~If Takamina♥ were a Powerpuff Girl she’d be Blossom♥~

It’s funny how the very initial aesthetics are obvious when it comes to accessorizing as a single cute~♥ hair bow atop is a constant and a fashion statement must!! Mmm but when you really dig a bit “deeper”….Blossom and Takamina….Takamina … Continue reading

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