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Not so deep thoughts…

The following is a result of curiosity, idols♥ and the internet. One evening not too long ago my dear Couscous was eager to learn much more about AKB48 so we talked a bit she read a lot and this collaboration … Continue reading

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~The easy button.

Dear travelers, wanderers, accidental arrivals and all two of my readers, No actually I’m thinking this post is rather in a consensus of bloggers minds…(そうかな?)、 I’m thinking the consensus here of those who enjoy writing and keeping any type of … Continue reading

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~Ever ponder about your blog’s existence?

The spam here has been getting weirder and weirder like “someone”/ “something” left me a “comment” linking to a vagina tightening cream…..who knew such a thing existed?? A~h thank goodness for WP’s great spam filter as well as my not … Continue reading

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~Somewhere between life and passion…

I still remember when I naively asked a friend what the word “blog” meant and then on that day I had no idea of not only its meaning but also how it would become a part of nearly daily life … Continue reading

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~Thank you for 200,000~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥

(人∀`*)♥!!! Through the end of 2006 and throughout 2007 I didn't even know what a blog counter was (*´艸`)。。。until I saw it at Henkka's and added one from March of '08….and today 'MorningBerryz' has reached 200,000 visitors with over 234,000 … Continue reading

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~Confessions of an idol♥ fangirl~. =)

Hi minnasan~…this post has been somewhat of a work in progress and it’s been one that I’ve been meaning to write properly one day~.First I would like to say *thank you* o(*´∀`)o゛so much to everyone that I’ve been so privileged … Continue reading

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In response to true life seek.

from true life seek: "Buying STUFF (and posting about it) I do try to post about a hopefully broader culture outside of H!P as I tried to put together something organized awhile ago here although it does need updating with … Continue reading

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